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The Vossen Media YouTube channel is where I upload a variety of content very frequently.  The video version of the DVRT Podcast lives here in addition to documentary films, comedic content, gaming content, and commentary as inspiration strikes. I am occasionally able to successfully seek out the opportunity to interview politicians as well.  Please subscribe and hit the bell in order to be notified when new content goes live.


The Doug Vossen Reality Tour is a weekly podcast hosted by me, Doug Vossen.  This is a podcast where me, New York comics, and other friends discuss topics ranging from the nuances of Middle Eastern foreign policy to the dick pills you can buy at the gas station - none of which we are even remotely qualified to do.  One thing is for sure: we like to laugh and we like discussing interesting things among ourselves and with other interesting people.  If you have a question or suggestion for the show, email me at doug.vossen@vossenmedia.com.


This is a link to a set.  I am motivated to work, willing to travel, and will conduct myself professionally. Contact me at doug.vossen@vossenmedia.com for booking.  I am available to feature and have approximately 30 minutes of refined material. 


My first novel, SKYFIRE, is available on Amazon.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can download it for FREE on your Kindle or Kindle app.  I am currently working on DIVINE EQUILIBRIUM, the second installment to this series, and am excited to begin work an entirely new project, tentatively called CIRCLE, upon its conclusion.  

Thank you for all of your continued support!  Without viewers, listeners, and readers, this doesn't exist.  Firstly, my content will remain FREE (with the exception of my full length novels) for all those who want to consume it.  I think that's important.  That being said, this Patreon page is for fans who like what I have been putting out for the last two years and want to contribute financially in order to ensure I can continue producing this content as well as improving its quality each time.  If you choose to become a monthly patron, pledge whatever you think is an appropriate amount for what you're getting.